Business Administration

The Business Administration Program at Lycoming College is distinctive, dynamic, innovative and one of the most versatile majors Lycoming has to offer. Business connects to every facet of the modern world, be it individual people, whole societies, health care, politics, education, museums or even peace and war; our world is comprised of consumers and business plays an important role in how our world is shaped.

Our mission here at Lycoming is to develop leaders who understand how business works and the impact business can have. We fulfill this mission by providing a well-rounded business curriculum grounded in a liberal arts education. Students may pursue any number of business endeavors, including finance, marketing, management, economics, accounting, human resources, information systems and business strategy. We stress business ethics and environmental sustainability, and analyze in-depth how business relates to government, community and society. We develop each student's capacity to think critically, write clearly, conduct research and appreciate diverse cultures and peoples. All the while, we get to know each of our students on a first-name basis and involve them in our research, teaching and professional activities.

We strongly believe that for students to really understand how business works, they need hands-on experience. We facilitate numerous internships, student projects for local businesses and study abroad opportunities. In addition to providing students a chance to earn credit and hands-on experience, these programs cultivate personal growth and maturity beyond the basic classroom experience.

With the sturdy liberal arts foundation and real world experience through internships, our students leave Lycoming prepared to pursue careers in many industries or to launch their own entrepreneurial ventures. Our graduates have gone on to work for business enterprises, nonprofit organizations, government agencies, health care institutions, small businesses, local companies and global corporations.

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