Study Abroad Travel Safety




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At Lycoming College we are dedicated to the safety of students traveling abroad. As administrators of Lycoming College's education abroad programs, we continually monitor global developments, oversee our students' safety abroad, provide emotional support and encourage students traveling abroad to maintain close contact with host institution officials.  Additionally, we strongly recommend students and parents review the US Department of State's travel tips and safety information (found here). 

Lycoming College also strongly recommends that students traveling abroad register their trip through the US Department of State’s free program, the Smart Traveler Enrollment Program (STEP).  Participation in this program allows students to be located and notified quickly in case of an emergency.  Additional safety tips for students and student advisors can be found here.

While we believe that increased safety measures are in effect throughout the world, we must also acknowledge that life is not risk-free.  Thus, every student who participates in education abroad programs through Lycoming College is required to sign a Release of Liability form. This is the same form that all students must sign before participating in athletic events, field trips and other school-sponsored activities which involve travel away from campus. 

Our goal as international educators is for our students to have positive, enriching study abroad experiences, and we believe that it is still possible for them to do so and to be safe.  Students, and parents, should feel welcome to bring their concerns and their questions to us.

Dr. Barbara F. Buedel
Director of International Education, Lycoming College