Medieval Studies

Associate Professor: Preston (Coordinator)
Assistant Professor: Chandler (Coordinator) 

The Medieval Studies minor provides a framework for coursework focusing on the Middle Ages. The core curriculum consists of ENGL 220, ENGL 311, HIST 212 and HIST 401.

Students may then choose two electives from a range of courses that relate to the language, literature, history, art, religion and philosophy of the medieval period in Europe. However, students may count no more than three courses for credit toward both the minor and a major in either History or English.


ART 222 - Survey of Art: Ancient, Medieval, and Non-Western
ENGL 335 - Chaucer
HIST 115 - Western Civilization I
HIST 334 - Origins of Europe
HIST 336 - Crusades: Conflict and Accommodation
LAT 102 or above - Latin Grammar and Readings
MUS 335 - History of Western Music I
PHIL 302 - Medieval Philosophy 
REL 113 - Old Testament Faith and History
REL 114 - New Testament Faith and History
THEA 332 - History of Theatre I