Office of the Assistant Dean for Freshman


SOS Team Photo
Student Orientation Staff
SOS are upperclass student leaders who help new students understand the academic curriculum, become familiar with campus resources and explore ways to get involved in the community. 

Andrew Kilpatrick Assistant Dean for Freshmen

Andrew Kilpatrick
Assistant Dean for Freshmen
Dean Kilpatrick coordinates Summer Orientation and 1st Weekend programming, and supports, encourages and challenges students throughout their freshman year. His office is in Long Hall.

Anthony Pace

Anthony Pace
Student Life Coordinator for Skeath and Asbury Halls
Pace supervises the freshman area RAs, assists in the supervision of SOS and is coordinator of the FYRST program. His office is in Skeath Hall and his apartment is in Asbury Hall.

Devan Messner

Devan Messner
Administrative Assistant
Messner welcomes and assists freshmen on a daily basis. Her office is in Long Hall.