Registering Your Ipod With Campus Manger For Wireless Access

You can access Lycoming's wireless network with your iPod after you have registered the device with campus manager (much like you register your personal computer with Campus Manager)

  1. When on campus, go into your wireless settings and choose to connect to the "LYCOWIRELESS" wireless signal (if it hasn't automatically)
  2. Open your web browser and try to hit any website. It should then forward you to the Campus Manager agreement page.
  3. Enter your Novell username and password on the registration page. Don't worry about what type of device you choose in the drop down box (whether you pick desktop, or laptop, it doesn't matter).
  4. After logging in, Campus Manager will automatically register your iPod with the system without requiring anti-virus or windows updates.
  5. After you have registered, turn off the iPod and turn it back on (this is the easiest way to reset your wireless connection) At this point, you should have open internet access.

If you have any problems trying to register the iPod, bring it down to ITS and we will help you get online.