New Email System for Lycoming College

Groupwise Email Will Be Shut Down At Noon On Wed., May 11

  • (Outlook Web Access) will be available shortly after noon on Wednesday, May 11 for sending and receiving email on the new system. Same ID. Same Password.
  • Your existing GroupWise files and folders will be moved to the new email system beginning at noon on Wednesday, May 11 until completed, which is expected to be before Monday, May 16. This includes graduated seniors, until their removal on August 1, 2011, per normal policy.
  • For employees: Windows Outlook 2010 client will be activated on your PC computer sometime between Wednesday, May 11 and Monday, May 16 when you shut down and restart your computer on the campus network. Macintosh users should schedule with the Help Desk for installation.
  • For employees: If your GroupWise Archives are located on your F Drive, they will be moved to Outlook Archives between noon on Wednesday, May 11 until Monday, May 16. If your GroupWise Archives are located elsewhere, an appointment should be made with the Help Desk after Monday, May 16. For students: A procedure for converting archives on your computer will be published on the IT web site at a later date.
  • General mobile phone instructions and limited support for Outlook phone applications will NOT begin until Tuesday, May 17.
  • For employees: You will receive an Outlook 2010 Help Guide, if you did not get one at one of the review sessions. Contact the Help Desk if you do not receive one by May 16.

After having served the College well for nearly 20 years, Novell's GroupWise email will be replaced this summer with Microsoft Outlook running on Exchange servers. There is a growing concern for the future of the Novell company. Many additional features and third party support are available for Outlook, such as better mobile services. All of your current email, contacts and folders will be migrated, as well as calendar appointments and archived email. At the time of conversion beginning May 11, access to the new email will be nearly immediate, but it will take a couple days to move everyone’s existing GroupWise email to the new system. It is expected that everything will be migrated before Monday, May 16. A supporting web site, reference material, online help, demos, and training will be available. We look forward to this improvement in technology and believe it to be a positive move for the campus community.


Microsoft Outlook

Microsoft Office 2010 (Word, Excel & PowerPoint)

Accessing E-mail from Mobile Devices