Disabling Peer to Peer File Sharing

The links below list some of the most common peer-to-peer clients and link to instructions on how to disable file sharing on each one. If your particular client is not listed here you are not exempted from the restrictions against distributing copyrighted material. If you do have a client that is not listed here you may contact us at help@lycoming.edu . Please give us the name of the client, the method by which we might acquire a copy for ourselves and, if possible, instructions on how to disable file sharing. We will then add it to the list below.

Please note, if you are distributing copyrighted materials via another method (i.e. ftp, Hotline, IRC, etc.) this is also considered a violation of the and as such disciplinary action will be initiated against individuals who engage in such activity.

The instructions on these pages are a guide for what we currently think are feasible workarounds, but ultimate responsibility for your network usage falls to you.