Meet our language assistants

Laura Rubio Moreno

Laura Rubio Moreno

Hometown: Torrejon de Ardoz, Madrid, Spain

Sports/Activities: I am a keen swimmer and enjoy helping others, and so four years ago I became a member of the Lifeguard Agency and have worked as such during Madrid’s hot summers. One of my passions is to learn about other languages and cultures, as well as to welcome others to my country and culture. For that reason, I am part of a project called ‘Cum Laude’ through which every year we share our homes and our time with students from other countries.

Favorite place in Spain: Being from Madrid, there is no other place that I could love more than the capital. It has millions of things to do, streets filled with people, open spaces, bars and terraces, where you can sit in the sun and have some tapas. In particular, I love the ‘Retiro Park’ and its boating lake. It’s a great place to relax and enjoy the performance of street musicians and artists of all kinds.

Something you want to share with Lycoming: I would like to share with Lycoming everything related to my language and my culture, so that students and people interested in the Spanish language can get a better understanding of our customs, personality, and lifestyle. I want to bring the two cultures closer together.

First impressions of Lycoming: My first impression of Lycoming is that it is a small community in which students get involved as much as they can. Everybody is very welcoming and I have felt accepted into Lycoming as another member of the community.

What you're looking forward to: I am looking forward to having my students enjoy the process of learning a foreign language whilst improving my teaching skills. I would like to know every aspect of the American culture and way of life and to visit some of the amazing places that this country has to offer.

Raphael Roessel

Raphael Roessel

Hometown: Husum, Schleswig-Holstein, Germany

Sports/Activities: I play for one the oldest soccer teams in Kiel, Germany – “FC Kilia Kiel.” Soccer is my sport and I have been actively playing the game since the age of six. I also had the great privilege to share this passion for the beautiful game as a youth soccer coach. It is always great when you can pass on both the joys and the values of sports.

Favorite place in Germany: My favorite places in Germany are the foggy banks and beaches of my home region – North Frisia. Not only are they the stage for some of Germany’s most acclaimed literary masterpieces – such as Theodor Storm’s “The Rider on the White Horse” – but the mystic natural beauty of Germany’s most northern beaches is unequaled in the entire country. Plus, they are just beautiful places to take walk on a warm summer day.

Something you want to share with Lycoming: I want to share with Lycoming students the richness and diversity of German, Austrian and Swiss (pop) cultures and their products. From Lederhosen to literature one might say. My main objective will be to strengthen the students’ language competence in casual and academic conversations.

First impressions of Lycoming: My first impressions of Lycoming College are solely positive. The warmness of the welcome exceeds hospitality and reaches familiarity. Everyone is very friendly and supportive.

What you're looking forward to: I want to seize the unparalleled opportunity of this teaching assistantship and explore the rich regions of Pennsylvania and visit other states in the USA.

Olivier Marceca

Oliver Marceca

Hometown: La Londe les Maures, France

Sports/Activities: I have practiced kickboxing for five years. I like biking, jogging and most of all, swimming. In France, I am a lifeguard. But my favorite hobby is reading books, which helps me to relax.

Favorite place in France: My favorite place is the south of France. The food is delicious, and the wine is very refreshing. The hinterland's landscapes are enticing; we can see the vineyards and lavender over large areas. It is most ravishing with the sea in the background.

Something you want to share with Lycoming: I want to share my culture, first of all, by showing to the Lycoming students that the French are not always rude like they may think, but warm hearted, too - mostly in the south of France. In addition to showing them the popular French movies and songs, I want them to see what French humor is like. I want to give them the fruit of my experience and give them an overview of what it’s like to know a French person.

First impressions of Lycoming: Everybody is very welcoming and comforting, students as well as professors. The campus is small, and I like it, because it's easy to meet people. It feels good to be at Lycoming, and I hope it will continue for the year.

What you're looking forward to: I want to learn more about American culture, and American life on campus. I have the opportunity to choose two courses and it is already a good experience to be in class with American students. I am sure that I will be surprised during the year, in a positive way, by things which I do not expect. Being surprised - that is what I am looking forward to at Lycoming, and I am on the right path.