Contact Information:

Daniel Beer

Hello Lycoming,
I am really glad that I was chosen to support the German team of the Modern Languages Department this season and am absolutely looking forward to arriving at Lyco.
Here in southern Germany I am on my way to become a teacher for secondary school students and will pause my English, History and 'German as a foreign Language' courses at the University of Regensburg, to help YOU with your German.
Having passed through nearly every school diploma, my home state Bavaria offers, I am convinced that it will be easy for me to give some insight into the German way of life (as it really is... Yeah, we do not only have the Oktoberfest). Among others, I earned a technical diploma and a subject linked university-entrance qualification at the College of Further Education in Regensburg and even had a glance at computer sciences before a major change in Bavaria's educational regulations allowed me to come as far as I am now...
Anyway: Feel free to contact me on campus or via email if you have any questions!