Floor Plans And Available Spaces For Lottery 2013

Available Spaces

The Available Spaces list will show what's available for selection as part of the scheduled lottery sessions. In order to review the current spaces available for an upcoming lottery see the "Available Spaces" link below. Please keep the following in mind when viewing the Available Spaces list and Floor Plans:

  • Even though a space is currently being used and can be viewed on a floor plan, it does not guarantee it will be available for fall 2013.
  • Some areas or entire residence halls are NOT part of the lottery because they are designated for specific housing (Freshman, Greek, Clusters, Special Needs, etc.)
  • Some areas are assigned through an application process (Apartments/Commons and Forrest Singles.)
  • By the time the Triple/Quad/Mini-suite or General Lottery begins, some rooms may have been selected through the Continuous Occupancy option and will be unavailable.
  • Since spaces may be selected before a lottery session or before a student's number is called it's recommended that each set of roommates have several choices in mind when attending a lottery session.
  • During an active lottery session, maps will be posted in Rich Hall lounge and chosen spaces will be marked off as the selections take place.
  • After each lottery session ends, an updated list will be re-posted on this page.


Please consult the Available Spaces list regularly for an up-to-date list of spaces available for lottery selection and see Lottery Dates and Times for specific dates, times, and locations of lottery sessions.

Updated March 27, 2013 

Floor Plans

Floor plans of campus residences are available for current student viewing with log-in information that is provided to all students in the informational e-mails from the Office of Residential Life regarding this years lottery.