Thanksgiving Break 2013

  • Official Thanksgiving Break is from 9:00 p.m. Tuesday, November 26th until 10:00 a.m. Sunday, December 1st.
  • Meal service ends with lunch on November 26th and begins with dinner on December 1st.
  • Campus dining (Wertz dining hall, Jack's Place, and Cafe 1812) is closed during the entire Thanksgiving Break; in other words, there are no  dining services open during this time.
  • Campus housing functions with limited operation (Buildings & Grounds, Custodial, and Residential Life.)
  • The Office of Safety & Security is fully operational 24/7, however, other campus offices are closed Thursday and Friday.

Closing Your Residence For Break

All residents (halls, apartments, and Commons) are responsible for completing the following (however, the last resident to leave MUST confirm completion):

  • Store all food in sealed plastic or metal containers.
  • Tidy your residence and empty your trash.
  • Unplug all electrical items except refrigerators and fish tanks*. In other words, there should be nothing other than a refrigerator and fish tank plugged into any outlet in a residence. Power strips must also be unplugged from the wall outlets. *The College does not take responsibility for plants or fish left over any break.
  • Turn off all lights.
  • Close and lock all windows.
  • Pull the window shade(s) down halfway.
  • Lock your door(s). Be sure you have your ID and key(s).
  • Move your vehicle to a student parking lot if you plan to leave it on campus during the break.

All housing (except those who are registered to remain on campus) is checked by staff to insure that proper check-out procedures have been followed. Failure to follow closing procedures will result in a minimum $15.00 fine.

Staying on Campus For Break

  • Break housing residents are permitted to have only break housing residents as guests in their rooms and buildings; they may not have any overnight guests.
  • With the exception of the guest policy stated above, All College and Residential Life policies apply to students who remain on campus during break.  Policies are on the Res Life webpage at:
  • Resident students who will be on campus during any/all of break must submit an on-line registration form (below) by 12 noon on Tuesday, November 26th.  Failure to register will be considered an Improper Closing and will result in a $15 fine.

The deadline to register to remain on campus after 6pm closing on November 26 has passed.  
If you will be on campus after closing you must now e-mail Residential Life regarding your intentions. 
Thank you.