If you are having problems logging in, please contact IT Services at 4150. A couple of items to check first would be the time on the PC you are using. Make sure it is set to the right time as well as the right time zone. Also, make sure that your browser has cookies enabled. If you are unsure how to check this setting, please call IT Services.

Issue: 'too many submits' message. This may occur more often with the Degree Audit/Program Evaluation option. This process is not instantaneous and can take a moment to process. There is a progress meter in the browsers status bar, usually located at the bottom of the browsers window, that will indicate if something is or isn't happening. Clicking on the submit button more than once will result in this message. In this situation, rather than closing the browser window or selecting the menu button, try clicking the logout button, whether or not you are logged in, and then log back in and try again.

The current work flow with the My Advisees is somewhat clunky in that for every process you submit, you always have to return to the menu. You cannot use your back button from a DA report and select another student/option. You must select the menu button from the report page and return to the menu and reselect your advisees.

There is a timeout setting for security purposes as well as to maintain resources. WA is not designed for a persistent connection. It is not built to login and sit there for the day. It is designed to login, get your information, and logout. The timeout is there so that information can not be left unattended as well as to allow the resources to be available to as many people that need to access the information.

It is recommended that you use the WebAdvisor buttons to maneuver around WebAdvisor screens as opposed to the browsers Back/Forward buttons.